IOU – Credit and Debit Manager

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IOU – Credit and Debit Manager

3.7 stars on Android Market

IOU – Credit and Debit ManagerAndroid Market3.7

The I Owe You You Owe Me app is an easy and FREE way to quickly organize how much money people owe you and how much you owe them. Track all debts and credits in a easy way and with a beautiful design! 🙂
Do you know when you have a vacation with friends and family and the expenses get all mixed up with people? With this app, it has never been easier to share expenses to everyone. Share or split debts with roommates or people in your household.

The app will allow you track all the expenses, lend and borrow during a trip with friends, for example. It’s simple and quick to use.


  • Borrow/lend things and money
  • Partial payments
  • Cloud sync
  • Debts sharing
  • Custom currencies
  • Settled debts history


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